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I am a happy and successful self-employed business owner.  I am a mother of two with a wonderful husband.  Perhaps like you, I have not always enjoyed optimal health.  While not fit for discussion here, I have all of the elements of an exhausting and overwhelming life, but I’m neither exhausted nor overwhelmed.  I have managed to detoxify my body and my life and am enjoying more excitement, more energy and more time for what I enjoy most.  I just celebrated another birthday but I feel better today than anytime I can remember.  Over the last few years, I have escorted hundreds of individuals through this program.  I consider myself blessed to have discovered what I have and I want to share it with you.  I want to share a simple video and download that are yours free for just visiting.      In health,  Dr. Sherri

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Why should you care?

Today there are 80,000 synthetic chemicals in our food supply… they’re in our air, our water and they’re destroying your health and the health of your family… just for starters. We are a nation that is getting sicker and sicker. We manage to eak out some complacency as we get a $5 cup of coffee to get us going, an energy drink to keep us going later.  We crave fast food, sweets, and salty snacks constantly.  We use alcohol to wind us down or perhaps approximate joy.  We use drugs, recreational or otherwise, to help us sleep, numb the sadness, treat the discomfort, and on.  And, we do it all over again the next day hoping the weekend comes soon so we can sit on the couch.  In the end, we’re too busy for all of this.  It’s not sustainable and we continue to feel worse.  What to do?  Simply read on, for now.

Here’s what L. Gianoli says about her experience.

I participated in the 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse with Dr. Sherri.  I am so thankful that I took a leap and challenged myself to give up my daily staples of chips, sugar, caffeine and, my beloved glass of red wine!  Not only do I feel lighter, energized and pain-free, but I also learned how many toxins I exposed myself to on a daily basis and how to avoid them.  The Cleanse reintroduced me to cooking and eating healthier, despite that I am a working mom juggling two jobs.  I look forward to sticking with my new “diet” and continuing my relationship with Dr. Sherri.  I highly recommend the Cleanse to anyone who is ready to reevaluate their lifestyle to feel better, look better and ultimately, live better!  Thanks,  Dr. Sherri!       ~L. Gianoli

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The 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse teaches you:

  • The key factors in your diet that are dragging you down.
  • The way to nourish yourself through a gentle but extremely effective cleanse
  • The “Toxic 10” sources and causes of toxicity in your body and mind
  • Which foods are the least and most toxic in our food supply
  • The “Sensitive 7” foods that are the most common cause of what I consider the most significant epidemic in health today.
  • Simple and time-effective daily physical modalities to ramp up your body’s detoxification

The 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse is a program about nourishing yourself physically and mentally (perhaps even spiritually, that’s up to you).  The keys I will share with you are positive habits for true transformation, not punitive (or laxative) tenets and techniques that you try to survive.  It is not a “get healthy quick” scheme.  While you may experience the benefits in as quickly as one day, it’s far too life-changing to be considered in such light.  You won’t be able to unlearn this powerful information, and you won’t want to.  You will enjoy your new health and its compounding benefits for as long as you choose. 

Some more comments to “chew” on…

“I’ve really enjoyed these last 3 weeks… and as I said in the last group session I would really prefer to stay on this plan… and I will to a certain extent.  I feel great.  No ups and downs during the day.  No anxiety/panic periods.  Sleeping great.  And my arthritic pain is gone.  And YOU.  You are truly a gem. ~Susay- Physical Therapist

The cleanse has been a tremendous experience for both my husband and myself. Several habits that we thought were innocuous were in fact sabotaging our overall wellbeing. Not only have we both lost weight, we both feel calmer, focused, and more energetic. It has been said that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit and we are excited for the new perspective on our diet. ~ Maryellen- Pilates instructor

I am doing well on the diet and feel terrific! I am so appreciative of your knowledge and guidance. This is the ONLY diet that I have ever tried that I have not felt anysort of “craving” on! ~Cass E.

I certainly didn’t think I could make it the 21 days, however I did and I feel great! Doing the cleanse has made me aware of what I was actually eating and also what it was doing to my body. I feel healthier than ever and would recommend the cleanse to anyone who is considering doing it. I have not even wanted to eat sugar which was a major part of my diet! (As I have a sweet tooth.) Also, I have not had the headaches that I use to before the cleanse. Thanks again Sherri for all your wonderful advice and help through this process. I look forward to working with you again soon. ~Melissa C.

“I love my new eating habits and I feel Marvelous and healthier Thank you. I am forever grateful for knowing you and you teaching me the right way. You changed my life from a Toxic life to a clean healthy life-  I will continue this path ~B. Cohen

 So, help me help you.  Just watch the next video and see if this program is right for you.